Positive Dementia Care

Positive Dementia Care

This full day course provides participants with the underpinning knowledge and skills to effectively interact with people who are living with dementia. Principles of person centred approach to care are re enforced throughout the day highlighting the positive impact staff can have on the quality of care provided by adjusting existing expectations and approaches to dementia care.


  • Understand the nature of dementia and the impact
  • Understanding communication from the dementia perspective and the practice of person-centred care
  • Recognise behaviour as communication of an unmet need

DURATION: 6.5 hours

PARTICIPANTS: This session is for Health Professionals, care workers, nursing staff and management staff in either Residential or Acute Care.

REGISTRATION ENQUIRES: Phone: (08) 8372 2100 or Email: SA.training@alzheimers.org.au