In memoriam donations

In memoriam donations

In Memoriam Donations - a tribute in lieu of flowers: this provides an opportunity to remember a loved one and provide a practical tribute in their honour.

Should you decide to ask for gifts in lieu of flowers, we can ensure that donation envelopes are sent directly to the funeral parlour. All gifts are receipted and acknowledged to the donor and a list of donors' names and addresses is provided to the family.

Please contact us for more information by calling 08 8372 2100 or email

The Rosemary Foundation for Memory Support Inc is the capital fund of Alzheimer's Australia SA. Its role is to provide a way for generous gifts, from people in the wider community, like yourself, to work in perpetuity to help people with Alzheimer’s disease, other related dementias and memory loss as well as giving support to their families, friends and professional carers.

See The Rosemary Foundation's website for more information about the Foundation, its Board and how you can help.